Limited Edition (En)


PINZLE Presenting
New way of Art Experience

" Only Presenting 12 Editions a Work "

The first step from 'Art Lover' to 'Art Collector'

Art Collection, the easiest way of creating values by the preference of your own -

 Pinzle provides the latest artwork of global influential artists

 as faster than anyone.

Experience the joy of having a special edition only by under 200 USD.

 Only 12 editions in the world

Pinzle only makes 12 editions per work. 

Check your own edition number from the warranty.

No additional manufacturing when the stocks are out.


The latest art trend of today

Pinzle finds outstanding artworks from the globe

and provides them quickly to the market.

Read the flow of trendy art through

weekly updated and swiftly sold-out artwork.


Focusing on

world-influential artist

Pinzle exclusively introduces influential artists

working with global brands;

Apple, Monocle, Starbucks, Google, Nike.

Meet the future star-artist a step ahead.

Their fandom is already forming and also, getting bigger.


The most reasonable price

Through the exclusive agreement with the artists,

Pinzle offers the most reasonable price.

As time goes by, your artwork will be

appreciated as more valuable.

I promise,

now is the very moment you could own

the artwork at a reasonable price.


Simple is the Best

Pinzle’s all-in-one frame, the bezel-less design goes along

with every place you are staying.

RGB pigment printing on the Felix Schoeller

Premium Matt Paper from Germany,

colors are accurate and lasting long.


Trendy Packaging & Goods

Sensuous design of the protection

canvas bag and PVC art bag

makes your art experience special.

Cleaning spray and fabric towel

in the kit maintain your artworks as the original status.

*PVC art bag fits A2 size only.

PVC art bag and maintenance kit are sold separately.


Find your new aspect as an 'art collector' through the limited edition of Pinzle.


" with the limited edition,

you could experience unlimited inspiration. "

Collect your Art Experience, Pinzle


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